Gloria Mellesmoen

Gloria Mellesmoen

PhD Candidate at UBC Linguistics

I am a phonologist with an interest in non-concatenative morphology, reduplication, and phonological structure.  I am interested in sub-phonemic structure (phonetics-phonology interface) and allomorphy.

I also study topics related to the semantics of non-concatenative morphology (form-function relationship). I ask questions related to language variation and change in smaller speech communities. 

I conduct fieldwork on Salish languages and illustrate my own storyboards for semantic elicitation on topics such as pluractionality, comparatives/degree semantics, and stativity.  

Upcoming Events

May 2023: Monomoraic Syllables with Non-Moraic Vowels in Salish: The Structure of a Monomoraic Syllable in Comox-Sliammon Reduplication. Poster at WCCFL 41, Santa Cruz.

May 2023: The Mora is Key to Unified Analysis of Microvariation in Reduplication:

The Distribution and Form of Plural Reduplication Across Dialects of Straits (Salish). Talk at Moraic vs. X-Slot Syllabification: the Debate (mfm Fringe Workshop), Manchester.

Recent Publications

Cross-dialectal synchronic variation of a diachronic conditioned merger in Tlingit. Amanda Cardoso , James Crippen and Gloria Mellesmoen. Linguistics Vanguard. [paper]

How To Distribute Events: ʔayʔaǰuθəm Pluractionals. Marianne Huijsmans and Gloria Mellesmoen. International Journal of American Linguistics (IJAL). [paper]